Ardha-Chandrasana & Pada-Hastasana

Half Moon Pose with Hands to Feet Pose


Half Moon:
- Strengthens muscles in body's core, back, adomnial muscles, but besides also leg, arm and schoulder muscles
- Increases flexibility of the spine
- Expands the mobility in the schoulderjoints and opens chest and ribcage
- Gives energy and vitality  
- Positive influence on bad posture
- Reduces lower back pain
- Reduces neck, schoulder and arm complaints, such as tennis elbow and frozen schoulder
- Promotes proper function of internal organs (spleen, liver, kidneys and so on)

Hands to Feet:
- Stretching of back leg muscles, mainly hamstrings, ligaments and tendons 
- Improves circulation of leg muscles
- Strengthens upper leg muscles ( m. quadriceps), back, neck, schoulder and arm muscles