Detox en Yogaweekend

Detox is the cleansing of body and soul. By deliberatly not eating solid foods during a period of time, you start to:
- eliminate toxins
- get rid of inflammations, which is the start and cause of all diseases
- reset your body
- help you become aware of bad eating habits
- rest your body's digestive system
- give you a clear skin, hair and eyes


In total you are taking nine days. First Pretox for three days, eliminate caffeine, refined sugar, starchy foods. Than the Detox weekend and three days for building up again (Retox)

Detox Weekend: April 13 until April 15
Friday:  Bikram Yoga class in the morning
Saturday: Bikram Yoga class in the morning
Sunday: optional Bikram Yoga class in the morning
Sunday: Yin Yoga class in the afternoon, and closing together with all Detox yogis.

Costs: 95,00 euro per person.

- 4 fresh slow juiced juices (a 250 ml) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These are awaiting you every day in the school.
- info on paper about how to first Pretox and also to Retox again, how to deal with possible detox symptoms and what else you use to improve your detox.
- a joint closure on Sunday afternoon after the Yin Yoga class.
- support during the weekend in the school
- intake by form
- water ritual (in case of bad weahter there is an alternative program). 

- costs for Bikram and Yin Yoga classes
- own Pretox and own Retox

Participation is definite by payment. 

No lesson card with Bikram Yoga Arnhem, use the combination package and pay 140 euro for your Detox and 5 Yoga classes on the weekend of April 13 until April 15.